We are The Commons


It was a mark of the church for people to hold their lives and their possessions in common. One example of this can be observed in the book of Acts 2:41-47

Yet, we live in a buyer’s market culture where the consumer is supreme, and churches have become a means unto themselves. Since, people can have whatever kind of faith they want, the church tries to make “churched” people, consumers of their brand of church, out of the “un-churched,” rather than making disciples of Christ.

The church does not exist as an end to its own means. We are a community, yet, we do not gather simply to get together. We gather because there is work to be done.

We gather to:

1. Proclaim the Cross

2. Cultivate disciples

3. Embrace the oppressed

Therefore, we wanted to select a name for our community that not only spoke to our mission, our identity in Christ, but also one that had historical significance. There is this tradition within the history of the Church for naming something for all people, a “common” (e.g. Common lectionary, Common book of prayer, Common Bible, Common Text of the Church).

For something to be “common” was not to be ordinary, but to belong to the people. Now, our culture has lost the language and meaning of a “commons.” Something is either, mine, or yours… hardly ever is something ours. Over the past few decades physical space and common resources have become increasingly quantified and commercialized. And though we might not call them commons, parks, beaches and playgrounds, public utilities and public transportation systems, libraries, museums, and schools, these are all commons.

The church is a commons. The church is not a private good to be packaged and sold. The church is collective, a band of natural enemies not held together not by common race, education, income, or politics. The church is a band of natural enemies saved by Jesus, owing Jesus a common allegiance. The church is the Body of Christ, its work is to witness to the Cross, and its worship is the work of the people.

We are The Commons

The Commons for all.