Do All Paths Lead To God?


There is a common illustration that presents all religions as merely different paths leading up the same mountain. The paths converge and unite at the peak: God. The lesson offered is that each path while different leads to the same place. Moreover, the traveler is warned not to worship their path but accept all paths.

Not only does this illustration arrogantly assume a position of god-like knowledge, and ignorantly projects upon all religions a belief in a singular god or any god at all, it also egregiously assumes that all religions serve the same purpose; namely that all religions serve as a means to reach God.

While much could be said concerning how each religion defines its purpose, I will only speak of Christianity. The narrative of the Bible presents a God who left the ‘mountaintop’ in pursuit of us. This is the story of Advent and the story of the Gospels. This is the good news of Jesus Christ.