Who Would Worship Something Man-Made?


It is easy to mock and look down upon those people and cultures who made physical idols to worship. We wonder, how could they worship something they made with their hands?

Yet in all of our modern civility, we are no different. We worship the constructs we make. The focus of our worship may no longer be images carved from wood or stone, but their function and purpose remain the same. It could be money, careers, one’s nation, politics, economic policies, philosophical ideas, education, technology, sports franchises, or pop-culture icons. All of these are man-made constructs that are often ascribed ultimate worth and value. Their assets worth calls for sacrifices of our time, our resources, our interests, our lives to them in the conscious or unconscious hope they will deliver some measure of power, approval, comfort control to us. Sometimes we even sacrifice ourselves to these realities not to make ourselves happy directly, but to find joy in pleasing them.