He Became Like Us So That We Might Become Like Him


To become like Christ, we must first recognize that he was God who became like us so we might become like him. He was Lord and became a servant so we might become friends. He was rich and became poor so that we could become rich. He came down so that we might be exalted.

Therefore, to become like Christ is acknowledge that in him we have first received the reality of sharing in his divine nature, the mantle of his authority, and his great riches. It is then from this exalted position in Christ we humble ourselves to lift up others. He became like us so we might become like him.

The importance of the Trinity

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“The life of God—precisely because God is triune—does not belong God alone. God who dwells in inaccessible light and eternal glory comes to us in the face of Christ and the activity of the Holy Spirit. Because of God’s outreach to the creature, God is said to be essentially relational, alive as passionate love. Divine life is therefore also our life. The heart of the Christian life is to be united with the God of Jesus Christ by means of communion with one another.

The doctrine of the Trinity is ultimately therefore a teaching not about the abstract nature of God, nor about God in isolation from everything other than God, but a teaching about God’s life with us and our life with each other.”

Catherine Mawry LaCungna, God for Us: The Trinity and Christian Life

God’s Justice

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“God’s justice is not simply a blind dispensing of rewards for the virtuous and punishments for the wicked, though plenty of those are to be found on the way. God’s justice is a saving, healing, restorative justice, because the God to whom justice belongs is the Creator God who has yet to complete his original plan for creation and whose justice is designed not simply to restore balance to a world out of kilter but to bring to glorious completion and fruition the creation, teeming with life and possibility, that he made in the first place.” NT Wright, Evil and the Justice of God